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World of Warcraft icons

for all your geeky icon needs!

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Okay, this should be pretty clear and self-explanatory.

Don't leech bandwidth, don't steal art, give credit, but do post a ton of WoW-related icons. And if you post a lot of them at once, be nice and put them behind a cut.

In more words:

Copyright issues:
- Please don't use any art that is not a)taken from screenshots, b)made by yourself or c)in the official website pack as subject of your icons. In short, don't break copyrights.
- If you don't have enough screenshots for yourself, look into the community's link list or to wow_screenies for shared screenshots. Please follow the guidelines and give credit where due!
- Also give credit for borders, brushes, patterns, what have you.

Taking icons:
- Please credit the maker of the icon in your icon notes. That's just nice to do.
- We all get our egos stroked mightily if you also comment!
- Please upload the icon to your own server if you're going to direct-link it. Stealing bandwidth is bad, people!

- Allowed subjects: Icons, posts about icons and icon-making, requests for icons/screenshots, plugs to related communities, etc. etc. - just use your common sense.
- LJ-cut your posts if you're posting a lot of graphics. The tag for it is <lj-cut text="[what you want the link to say]"> [your pictures go here] </lj-cut>.
- Keep it clean: Let's all be nice to each other.

If we all understand that, we should get along fine. Now have fun!

;) -the mod